Everybody Wants Some!! – Know What You Are

Everybody Wants Some!! – Know What You Are

Everybody Wants Some!! – Know What You Are

It’s two in the morning and you aren’t entirely sober. It’s the point in the night when pizza becomes far more appealing than another drink at the bar.

So you and your roommates grab food and retreat home. After finishing the food and debriefing the night, most are still not ready for sleep. The conversation turns to life philosophy. With the relaxed inhibitions induced by alcohol and fatigue, the conversation seems more real; it seems like you are solving big, important matters.

Then you wake up feeling terrible without any of the answers you seemed to possess just a few hours earlier. In the cases that you even remember the philosophical breakthroughs, they will suddenly seem hollow when inspected by your sobriety.

Watching Everybody Wants Some!! was akin to being the sober person awake when his/her drunk roommates return home. The film mostly knew what it was – a stupid comedy –  and didn’t try to be anything more. But every thirty minutes it couldn’t help itself from making a drunk argument (insights on competition, mating rituals, Sisyphus, etc.) that any sober person could see was not nearly as smart as it thought it was.

“Everybody Wants Some!!” did not make me THINK.

Extreme lack of self-awareness is not funny. I must be an outlier on this point considering how frequently Hollywood builds comedies are these types of characters.

But how am I wrong? How did everyone else not hate Jay (a.k.a. “Raw Dog”)? His scenes were so cringe-worthy you had to hope they would end quickly, right? Is it an ego thing? Is it like how certain friends not so secretly love to hear about your struggles? I was feeling bad for myself but yippee someone else is worse off than me. Do we gain some pleasure in seeing someone with so much less self-awareness than any human could ever possibly have? But even if that’s it, that’s not really funny. At least with slapstick humor, there’s a behavior, like slipping on a banana peel, that is in and of itself funny. Sub-human self-awareness is in and of itself sad.

Compare Jay to Nesbit. Nesbit was also stupid, but he had an understanding of this stupidity (and it was a believable level of stupidity), so laughs were possible.

McReynolds was funny in his self-aware cockiness about his greatness.

Finnegan also had a total understanding of what he was, a decent baseball player who was going to maximize his college fun, and he used this awareness to solid comedic effect.

There were never any unforgettable laughs, but Everybody Wants Some!! still made me chuckle.

“Everybody Wants Some!!” made me LAUGH.


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